Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Organized

Right now my house looks like it should be on an episode of Clean Sweep (do they even make that show anymore?).  I have had good intentions for awhile to get our house under control and some sort of cleaning/organizing schedule in place but it just hasn't happened.  This summer was especially bad (with having Keenan with me on my days off) and our house took a really beating.  So, my goal is to get things organized by next summer and have some sort of schedule in place that way we can actually enjoy our summer and not spend our evenings in a pit. 

So here is my idea.  I will work on organizing a room each month and hopefully be done by May 31st (last day of school).

October - Keenan and Logan's Room and Riley's Room
November - Our Bedroom
December - Living Room
January and February - Kitchen (Yes, this will really take two months to get it to where I want it)

So, this would be great if I were actually done by March, but not counting on it.  I am excited because I plan on doing some of the things myself (like making bookcases for the boys' and our room and a shoe organizer for the living room area) and since I have never built a thing in my life, this will definitely all be an adventure. 

Can't wait to see what the next few months will bring! 

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  1. Jenna has done quite a bit of building...and if I can do it, anyone can so you'll do great!